One Post: 17 Videos For The Easter & Passover Holiday Season

Every year the night before Easter Sunday, the ABC Network runs the movie “The Ten Commandments” which appeals to both Christians and Jews who are in the celebrating Passover.

But ABC only shows one version of Moses, the Charlton Heston one, but there are so many other movie versions of Moses. Both live-action animated and even computer animated. If you saw the version posted on The Lid on Thursday see if you can find the three videos, not in that post.

Have a joyous holiday whichever you celebrate. LidsVids will be back to normal as of Monday:


The 1923 Cecil B. DeMille Silent Version of The Ten Commandments:


The Moses We All Know Charlton Heston from the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille Remake of The Ten Commandments:


The 1975 TV Mini-Series, Moses the Lawgiver Starring Burt Lancaster: The Burning bush scene


DreamWorks Animated Prince Of Egypt With Val Kilmer as the Voice of Moses


John Marley as Moses in the 1978  Miniseries Greatest Heroes of the Bible (notice that the Israelite trying to get the people to turn around was the Riddler, er…Frank Gorshin)


This short 46-second video from Israel doesn’t present the Exodus story the way I remember it:


The Ten Commandments (Musical) Val Kilmer as Moses


Dougray Scott as Moses in the 2006 Miniseries The Ten Commandments splitting the sea:


The 2007 CGA Version of The Ten Commandments starring Christian Slater as the voice of Moses



The Queen Version–Passover Rhapsody – A Jewish Rock Opera


Perhaps The Most Human Portrayal of Moses Ever (OK maybe not…. but at least its the funniest and my favorite), Mel Brooks in The History of the World Part 1

The History Channel’s Bible Mini-Series from 2014 had a Moses


The latest Moses in the Movie Moses: Gods and Kings–Moses was Played by Christian Bale.  While watching the movie one half expects Moses to punch pharaoh in the face and snarl, I’m Batman.

No Idea who drew the Moses but the soundtrack is the GREAT Louis Armstrong  singing: “Let My People Go”


How today’s news would have covered Moses’ exploits in Egypt.

And finally, what would the Exodus have looked like if Moses had Facebook


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