PODCAST: The Lid Radio Show W/Guest Ian Walters Of the ACU

This week’s Lid Radio Show guest is my friend Ian Walters, the Communications Director for the American Conservative Union.

Arguably the most famous of the ACU programs is CPAC, Folks who read Lidblog and/or listen to this program know that a key “must-go” annual event I look forward to every year is CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Among his other responsibilities at the ACU, Ian Walters puts together and runs the incredible CPAC program which can have anywhere from 2-4 different sessions going on at the same time (to be honest despite our friendship I am extremely jealous of his management and organization skills in putting this together).

Ian and I had a great discussion covering the North Korean threat, other news of the day, Ian’s musical career of which I had no knowledge of before today (one of his musical performances is also posted on LidsVids here), We also discussed CPAC and how IMHO the ACU is just like Santa Claus (they make a list of legislators and check it twice in order to know who’s naughty or nice)

It was a great discussion which you will find entertaining and informative. Listen via the player below:

Listen to “Lid Radio Show 8/9/17 Guest Ian Walters (ACU &CPAC)” on Spreaker.




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