Lidblog. com is excited to announce the Grand Opening of a brand spanking new, 2nd Lid-edited site

Each Day LidsVids will present 10-15  of the best videos on the internet. Many of them will be political and news oriented videos but the site will also include other compelling and/or fun videos that are grouped into the following categories:

  • News/Politics
  • Chases/Crashes
  • Media Fails
  • LOL
  • Trailers/Entertainment
  • Science/Nature
  • Animals
  • Cute/Family
  • Holidays

Now you will get two “Lid” mailings a day; The Lidblog mailing every morning featuring the best news and political commentary at 8AM. And this second one from LidsVids at 6PM.

The site has been operational and updated since the last week in June so you might enjoy going to to explore the “archives.”

Give the site and the mailing list a try, I promise you will enjoy it.

Thanks for your continued support.





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